Historically, the name Mandera has been attributed to Madeer, the umbilical cord of animals, more specifically camels and goats. Nomadic pastoralists who roamed these region had been closing up near the River Daua to water their animals and many animals reproduced during these times..

Records from the Kenya National Archives show the British East Africa Protectorate was present in around 1890s though the British Colony of Kenya established a permanent post in around 1910 covering Mandera from Moyale Post. Tribes present in Mandera region were Garre, Murule, Degodia and some Corner Tribes. Merchant Arabs and other non-local Somalis were there doing business in around Rhamu. British Colonists started recording events as early as 1893 including the ‘Colka Caalin’ of the 1915 between Garre on one side and Degodia and Murule on another side.