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We flaunt the ability to create highly robust solutions that are reliable and appealing, with no compromise over quality. Jafriam Solutions is continuously engaged in developing business solutions that are powered by emerging technologies, which helps to formulate strategies that are simple, while driving the business to success. Data storage, data processing, connectivity and many more aspects of real life will be made easier with the custom made solutions.



Disruptive times can force an entrepreneur to look beyond and innovate. With business model analysis service, we enable entrepreneurs to drive growth and add value in the process.

  • Business Model Analysis

    Business models analysis often challenge the status quo in an industry and define a new way to create, deliver and capture value. Teams need to create, evaluate options, and gain a deep understanding of their business before committing significant resources.

  • Competition Analysis

    Competition Analysis provides you with the access to market fluctuations or erratic changes. Moreover, competitive analysis greases skids of your commerce, succour to know competitive business threats as well as advantages to unlock new business ideas. It is a critical input to learn about your key competitors.

  • Value Proposition

    There is a lot happening simultaneously for an early-stage startup or established business. By integrating core value(s) in tech and strategy, we bring perfection to a brand’s journey and enable it to get ready for rapid growth. Our UVP analysis highlights different insights, among which, four are primary.

  • Go To Market Strategy

    With changing dynamics, we use the wisdom of traditional marketing mix and combine it with our updated knowledge and enable you to outperform your competitors. Developing a GTM strategy will help you explore every inch of the target market and assist you in making better decisions.



Gain vital insights into the market and know what your competitors are doing.Lack of a core competency can cause trouble to your business growth and reach,Whereas a competitive analysis approach define new market possibilities with macro-economic outlook and evolution factors. Here’s how competitive analysis will benefit your business:

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    Know your key competitors and their business strategies.
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    Gain insights to search, create and implement tactical plans to outsmart your competitors.
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    Know weaknesses of competitors that may bring you business advantages.
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    Know how to overcome the threats that your competitors may cause to your business.
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    Predict the future position of your business as well as competitors in the specific marketplace.


There is a lot happening simultaneously for an early-stage startup or established business. By integrating core value(s) in tech and strategy, we bring perfection to a brand’s journey and enable it to get ready for rapid growth.

  • How to let prospects know the value(s) you stand for?

    Derived from the essence of what your organization truly stands for, the value is often difficult to convey. We assist you in value identification and the best way to link it with selling proposition.

  • How to position your brand in competitive market?

    Making it easier for you to earn a spot in a consumer’s mind, we help you identify key areas that can make your brand desirable in the niche you want to operate in.

  • How different will be your offerings from competitors?

    Analyzing the competition is crucial to differentiate your product or service from competitors. Considering a lot of factors such as pricing, packaging, etc

  • How to make prospects trust your brand?

    There is a thin line of difference between authoritative and approachable brand voice. A UVP analysis can highlight several influencing factors that contribute to build trust.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Jafriam Solutions has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

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Not only does our GTM process enable a brand to reach prospects, but it also ensures quantifiable results giving a much deeper insight.An Overview of our 4D Go-to-Market Process

  • Discover

    Market research

  • Define

    Analysis, Distribution Channels

  • Design

    Strategy & Planning

  • Deploy

    Strategy Execution